About Artificial Intelligence Chatbot 


Chatbots are typically used in dialog systems for various practical purposes including customer service or information acquisition. Our chatbot is an intelligent interactive agent chatbot, which helps to automate communication with customer and create personalized customer experiences at scale and also it can understand  what a user wants and is prepared to meet users’ request.  

Why AI Chatbot ? 


AI Chatbots are used in a variety of business sectors. There are several reasons why your business needs a chatbot, such as follows...

1.  You get a lot of queries from your customers

Chatbots do not suffer from the limitations of a human agent. Where live agents can handle only 2 to 3 conversations at a time, chatbots can operate without an upper limit. By employing chatbot solutions to complement your human task force, your business can get the boost it needs to enter new markets.

2. To expand your operations

If your business receives a lot of inquiries, chatbots can take the load off your customer support team. By acting as the first point of contact, chatbots can screen calls from customers and redirect them to human agents only when required.

3. You have a range of nearly identical products or services

If you are selling goods and services which are near substitutes for each other, your customers may need help in selecting the right product. Customers also seek advice when buying something expensive, such as smartphones, camera accessories, etc. Chatbots can assist customers in getting the right product or service.

4. You are selling to the millennials

Millennials are not impulsive buyers. They like to inquire and compare products before they buy. Also, millennials prefer live chat over phone calls. So, if your product lines are aimed at Millennials, introducing chatbots in your customer service will be a prudent investment.

5. You are actively marketing content through online channels

The more you interact with your customers, the more business you get from them. If you are using online channels to communicate with your customers, then chatbots can be useful in simplifying certain tasks for you.

6. Offer straightforward services.

A well-optimized chatbot communicates only the essentials and does not overwhelm the user.

7. You need to drive up organizational efficiency

If you are burning too many resources in backend support, chatbots can be your way out. Instead of employing more people for mundane and repetitive tasks, install a chatbot business solution and automate everything.

8. Chatbots emphasize the company's brand and image.

The chatbot represents the company when it’s communicating with the customer, so, from a marketing point of view, it is a perfect embodiment of brand building.

9.  Chatbots automate processes.

Bots are able to take on human work for, generally speaking, mundane or basic analytic tasks.

So,this Artificial Intelligence Chatbot  will help to changing the way you do business and also may impact your bottom line.

10. You are looking for an interactive marketing platform

Unlike apps and websites, chatbots do not present a passive user experience. You can use chatbots for a highly interactive marketing campaign. And the availability of chatbots on platforms like Facebook Messenger means you can reach out to more people at once.

Benefit of AI Chatbot 


To reduce the organizational cost. AI chatbot is an automated program that interacts with customers like a human would and cost little to nothing to engage with. Chatbots attend to customers at all times of the day and week and are not limited by time or a physical location. This makes its implementation moving to a lot of businesses that may not have the man-power or financial resources to keep employees working around the clock.

Main Features

    • Display all conversation information and menu in any mobile devices with variant screen size. E.g. desltops, tablets, smartphones. And Multi-Language can be supported.
    • In admin panel has dashboard, where admin can easily get information about total customer, total lead, total queries and solution given, and also get online visitor information very quickly
    • Admin panel for creating individual admin user, here admin can perform create, read, update, edit and delete operation on menu.
    • Admin will be able to create intent questionaries and able to add individual users role access permission such as for operator, admin, in-charge, and so many.
    • In Role Permission module Admin can set role access for each admin/user,  operator, in-charge. For example, Admin set role access for operator, operator person only can dashboard read, in chatbot can read, update user chatting conversation, department intent questionaries, and can send Email or SMS, etc.
    • Admin can view all users information and their activities. Also admin can check visitor conversation and their list.
    • In this system by mail & SMS module you can send individual or multiple Email and SMS to the target users at a time.
    • In this system if admin wants to convert the visitor as a customer or lead, then can do that here very easily.
    • At admin panel in user interface module, admin can check all chatting conversation history, here also can create user and checking the user list.

Our AI Chatbot is worked to improve organizational service, save money, and increase engagement, businesses and organizations need to understand how these programs work and what they can do. In this document, you’ll get a guidline how they this system will be worked and provied customer service, and how you can start putting them to work.